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Monthly Summaries

October 2010

Barak Granit (photographic edtior: Eyal Shochat)

Below is a summary featuring the most interesting observations from this month, based on reports from the ISRABIRDNET mailing list and other sources.
Black-shouldered Kite : This autumn’s "invasion" continues with 4 more birds, recorded between the 24th - 30th at Eilat, Hula Valley, Tzoraa and Hefer Valley (Itai shani, Maya Katz, Yuval Dax and Chen Rozen) while the long staying bird from Kmehin was still observed throughout the month.

Lesser-spotted Eagle : 25,000 were counted on the 6th a peak day for this season, with a total of nearly 110,000. This is the highest count of this species for the last 24 years (Northern Vallies Survey Team, IOC).

Bateleur : A juv was reported from Emek Hafer on the 15th (Ohad Hatzofe & Francis Argile).

Purple Swamp-Hen : The long staying bird from Newe Eitan was still there on the 10th (Tomas krumenaker & Avner Rinot).

Sociable Plover : One was photographed at Tzoraa on the 22nd and another one found at Nir Eliahu (Dan region) on the 31st

White-tailed Plover : One at Yerucham Lake on the 25th (Darren Burns).

Dotterel : Two birds at Dalton highets on the 30th (Sachi Luria) representing the first record for the Upper Galilee.

Grey Phalarope: 1 was seen and photographed at Eilat k.20 on the 30th (R?a Shaish et al.).

 Grey Phalarope 
Grey Phalarope
  Itay Shanni

Oystercatcher : 3 different birds were seen at Rosh Hanikra, Maagan Michael and Acre between the 5th-21st (Rei Segali, Yoav Perlman and Tzach Talmon).

Great Black-backed Gull : Probably the returning ad. Bird seen again at Acre cost on the 21st (Sassi Chaham).

Pintail/Swinhoe's snipe : One (probably 1st winter) was reported and photograhed at Gesher ponds on the 26th (Amir Ben-dov). Will be the 7th record for Israel if accepted.

 Pintail/Swinhoe's snipe  
Pintail/Swinhoe's snipe
  Amir Ben Dov

Common Gull : An early bird was observed at Ahsdod on the 29th (Amir Ben-dov).

Spotted Sandgrouse : About 1600 were counted while flying to roost at Shivta on the 16th (Amir Ben-dov) representing one of the highest counts of this species during the last two decades.

Rufous Turtle Dove : A 1st winter of ssp. Meena was seen and photographed at "Havradim Garden" (near the JBO), Jerusalem on the the 17th (Ron Haran & Marco Jona et al.), representing the 6th record for Israel. The bird was not relocated on the following days.

 Rufous Turtle Dove  
Rufous Turtle Dove
  Marco Jona

Egyptian Nightjar: One was seen at Yotvata on the 3rd (Shachar Alterman).

Hoope Lark: One was seen at the famous K.33 on the 19th (Itai Shani) after a decade or so of absence from that place.

River Warbler: One was ringed at Tirat Zvi on the 22nd (Kobi Meyron & Avner Rinot) and on the same day another one was ringed at the Hula valley (Nadav Israeli); 1-2 birds were seen at Nafcha on the 23rd (Barak Granit and Shachar Alterman).

Menetries's Warbler: A juv was caught, ringed and photogrphed at Sede Boker on the 19th (Darren Burns et al.). This is the second record for the central Negev following a male that was caught at the same location in spring 2008.

Green Wabler (Phyloscoupus nitidus): The 5th record for Israel if accepted was of one individual seen and photographed at Wadi Shani, Eilat mountains, on the 30th (R?a Shaish et al.)

Pied Wheatear: The first for Be’er Sheva region was caught, Ringed and photogrphed at Ein Rimon grove on the 22nd (Eyal Sochat and Bruriya Gal). Another Pied Wheatear was reported from Kibutz Lotan on the 30th (Spanish birders).

 Pied Wheatear 
Pied Wheatear
  Eyal Shochat

Cyprus Pied Wheatear: Two seen and photographed: One near Taashur, NW of Be’er Sheva, on the 23rd (Eyal Shochat), and one at Tel Baruch Beach, Tel Aviv, on the 31st (Dorit Bar-Zakay).

 Cyprus Pied Wheatear 
Cyprus Pied Wheatear
  Dorit Bar-Zakay

Red-breasted Flycatcher: Several birds including two males were reported from the central Negev, Arava, Beer Sheva, Ein Rimon and Jerusalem (E. Shochat, Sachi Luria, B. Granit, Shachar Alterman, Oded Keynan and JBO team).

 Red-breasted Flycatcher 
  Avi Meir

Collard Flycatcher: A young bird was trapped at Ein Rimon on the 5th. Another female was seen at Beer Sheva on the 14th (Eyal Shochat).

Isabelline Shrike: One was seen at Tel Hazeka on the 18th (Lior Kislev), another one at Hulda Reservoir on the 28th (Ezra Hadad) and another Daurian/Turkestan bird was ringed at Ashdod on the 23rd (Yoav Perlman et al.).

 Isabelline Shrike 
Isabelline Shrike
  Yoav Perlman

Rose-coloured Starling: One 1cy was seen at Kmehin fields near Nizzana on the 18th (Yoav Perlman & Ron Haran) and another 1cy was seen at Gesher on the 26th (Amir Ben-dov).

Common Rosefinch: One was seen at Nativ Halamed-he on the 26th (Hind claw) and 4 birds were seen, two of which were ringed at Tzoraa on the 29th (Yotam Lenerdt).


Mourning Wheatear
(Oenanthe lugens) Sde-boqer, Jul.04

Oriental Skylark
(Alauda Gulgula) Mitzpe Ramon, Oct.05

Pallass Gull
(Larus ichthyaetus)Ma'agan Michael, Jan.06
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