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Monthly Summaries

March 2010

Re'a Shaish

Below is a summary featuring the most interesting observations from this month, based on reports from the ISRABIRDNET mailing list and other sources.
Brown Booby (Sula leucogaster): 1, north beach of Eilat, seen on and off throughout the month.

Greater Flamingo (Phoenicopterus ruber): 56, Ma’agan Michael, 19/3 (C.Rozen). A very large flock in Israel's standared, outside of Eilat area.

Black Vulture (Aegypius monachus): 2, Wadi Darga (Judean desert), 19/3 (J.P.Smith et al.).

Verreaux's Eagle (Aquila verreauxii): 1, moving north with other raptors above Eilat's mountains, 27/3 (Dutch Birders).

Crested Honey-buzzard (Pernis ptilothynchus): The returning overwintering bird was seen by many on and off throughout the month in the date palms plantation north of the IBRCE.

Northern Goshawk (Accipiter gentiles): 1, Nizzana (western Negev), 4/3 (Y.Perlman).

Demoiselle Crane (Anthropoides virgo): 1, migrating north among Common Cranes, 6/3 (T. Kahan). 2, migrating north among Common Cranes above Macabim, 13/3 (E. Banker). 1 adult bird, Hula Lake, 11/3 (L.Ziv). 3 (2 adults and 1 juv) migrating north together, Hula Lake, 13/3 (L.Ziv). 2 adults, Hula Lake, 14/3 (L.Ziv). 1 , K20, 23/3 (seen by many), later on the day a(the?) bird of same species seen migrating north over Yotvata (O.Horine).

 Demoiselle Crane(Anthropoides virgo) 
 23rd-Mar, K20 
Baillon's Crake (Porzana pusilla): 1 adult seen at the Baptists Village Pond, central israel, 27/3 (M. Perger et al.).

Oystercatcher (Haemantopus ostralegus): 6, Eilat's north beach, 10/3 (J.Meyrav et al.).

Sandplover sp.(Charadrius sp.): An interesting sandplover showing conflicting characteristics was present in K20 salt ponds during the later half of the month. See ID discussion the site forum.

 Sandplover sp.(Charadrius sp.) 
 24th-Mar, K20 
Caspian Plover (Charadrius asiaticus): 3, at Yotvata circular fields, 10/3 (B. Granit). 1-4 birds seen there around on and off during the month.

White tailed Lapwing (Vanellus leucurus): 1 at K19 sewage, 23/3 (Foreign birders)..

 White tailed Lapwing(Vanellus leucurus) 
 23rd-Mar, K19 sewage. 
Red-necked Phalarope (Phalaropus lobatus): 1, IBRCE, 15/3 (Y.Lehnardt). 1 at Ma'agan Michael, 29/3 (Tamir Siman-tov & Iris Magen).

Audouin's Gull (Larus audouinii): 1, 2nd winter bird, Ashdod's Rubbish tip, 26/3 (A.Ben Dov).

 Audouin's Gull(Larus audouinii) 
 26th-Mar, Ashdod 
Short-eared Owl (Asio flammeus): 1, Yotvata circular fields. 10/3 (B. Granit). 1, caught ringed and released at he IBRCE, 21/3 (IBRCE team ) .

 Short-eared Owl(Asio flammeus) 
 21st-Mar, IBRCE. 
Pale Scops Owl (Otus brucei): 2, Wadi Qtura, north of Qtura junction, 3/3 (R. Shaish)

Egyptian Nightjar (Caprimulgus aegyptius): 3, Yotvata circular fields, 21/3 (S.Alterman, A.Meyroz, I.Shani, N.Weiss, T.Krumenacker).

 Egyptian Nightjar(Caprimulgus aegyptius) 
 21st-Mar, Yotvata. 
Oriental Skylark (Alauda gulgula): 1, Ezuz(Western Negev), 15/3 (Y.Perlman).

Bimaculated Lark (Melanocorypha bimaculata): 13 birds at Ashdod , 9/3 (A. Ben dov). a good number for this species in this part of Israel. 2 at Shiqmona beach(Haifa), 17/3 (Y.Koren). Down south, singles and small flocks scattered in green patches and agricultural fields.

Thick billed Lark (Ramphocoris clotbey): A very good spring for this species in southern Israel with tens seen from 6/3 onwards. Displaying males, couples and at last 2 confirmed breeding sites were seen in green patches of the Negev. A green patches survey conducted by Amir Ben dov during 19-22/3 in the highland of the southern Negev ended with 15 pairs (+ 1 pair by Itay Shani) and 15 singles.

Dunn's Lark (Eremalauda dunni): 1, Wadi Trashim (northern part of the Meishar) 26/3 (J, Meyrav et al.)

Temmink's Horned Lark (Eremophila bilopha): Several small groups seen in the Arava valley during the month. several pairs seen in court and breeding activity in green patches of the negev.

Hoopoe Lark (Alemon alaudipes): 2 males at k76, 6/3 (S. Alterman). Several territories with displaying males are found in the Arava Valley.

Blyth's Pipit (Anthus godlewskii): 1, one bird suspected to belong to that species, Meishar, 22/3 (Y.Perlman).

Black Bush Robin (Cercotrichas podobe): Excelent sprint for this sp. with 6-7 birds reported throght the souther region, Yotavata, Lotan, Samar, Holland park and the birdwatching center.

Pied Wheatear (Oenanthe pleschanka): 1 Male, Western Ramon crater, 17/3 (O.Hatzofe). 1, long staying male at Yotvata (Miguel.D).

 Pied Wheatear(Oenanthe pleschanka) 
 28th-Mar, Yotvata. 
Cyprus Wheatear (Oenanthe cypriaca): 1, Ma'ale Shaharut, 31/3 (T. Magen). 1, Ketura barn, last week of march (I.Shani). 1, at Nizzana (E.Makover).

 Cyprus Wheatear(Oenanthe cypriaca) 
 28-Mar, Ketura 
Kurdish Wheatear (Oenanthe xanthoprymna): 1 female at Heftziba quarry, Harod Valley, 10/3 (T. Kahan). An overwintering bird.

Menetries's Warbler (Sylvia mystacea): 1, long staying bird at Yotvata, during second half of the month (Miguel.D).

 Menetries's Warbler(Sylvia mystacea) 
 28th-Mar, Yotvata. 
Hill Sparrow (Carpospiza brachydactyla): 1, wadi Lotz, 13/3 (P.Geffen). Hundreds, singing and very active in western Ramon Crater and Wadi Lotz on the 17/3 (O. Hatzofe). 5, Wadi Shaharut, 26/3 (R.Shaish with the youth birders group).

Little Bunting (Emberiza pusilla): 1, seen again at Giv'at Oz, 9-10/3 (R.Yakar, T,Kahan, Yochai, T.Matmon).

 Little Bunting(Emberiza pusilla) 
 9-Mar, Giv'at Oz 
Cinereous Bunting (Emberiza cineracea): 5, Wadi Zviya (Mt. Gilboah), 12/3. 6 at the same site on the 28/3 (A.Rinot).

Pied Wheatear
(Oenanthe pleschanka) Shizzafon, Nov.06

Bonelli's Eagle
(Hieraaetus fastiacus) Sde Boqer, Apr.04

Red-backed Shrike
(Lanius collurio) Jazrael valley, Oct.05
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