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June 2004

Eyal Shochat

Northern Israel
On 7/6 Namaqua Dove near Kibutz Amir ( Hula Valley ) (U. Shlezinger). On 14/6 there were 6 Marbled Teals at the northern Hula lake (L. Kislev). A survey of Collared Pratincole nests in the Hula on 21/6 resulted in 5 nesting colonies, total of 103 adults, 25 flying juveniles, plus nests with eggs and young chicks. These are minimum numbers and probably represent up to 60-70 pairs.
At Beit Shean valley, The northernmost pair of Little Green Bee-eaters nested in the Jordan valley near Kfar Rupin (K. Meyrom, Z. Labinger) Two fledglings were seen in mid June. Also in Bet Shean Valley on 22/6 - The first colony of Collared Pratincoles since mid 1980s, with 24 adults and two chicks, Minimum of 8 pairs (possibly 12-15). On the same day one Crane and one Osprey in the area (Z. Labinger). At Har Meron there were two Honey Buzzards on 26/6 (A. Tsairi et al).

Southern Israel
Sea birds at Eilat: On 12/6 One Long-tailed Skua and one Lesser Crested Tern (Y. Perelaman). On 26-27/6 five Sooty Shearwaters, one Pomarine Skua, two Arctic Skuas, five Cory's Shearwaters, two Lesser Crested Terns, one Bridled Tern, three Gull-billed Terns and 25 Caspian terns. At the fields there were two Sooty Falcons (Noam Weiss).

(Luscinia svecica) Samar, Oct.05

(Charadrius morinellus) Yotvata, Dec.05

Golden Oriole
(Oriolus oriolus) Neot Semadar, Apr.05
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