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Painted Snipe (Rostratula benghalensis), Hefer valley, 02/SEP/05

Tomer Landsberger

On the 2nd of September, a female Painted Snipe was found at the fishponds of Kibbutz En Hahoresh in Hefer Valley (Rozen et al.). The very tame individual was hanging around tamarisk groves in a partially dried fishpond.

On the 8th of September, Rony Livne discovered an additional bird - a probable 2nd year male, feeding alongside the female. The male's sudden appearance is probably due to the mowing of the tamarisks by local fishermen, which may have destroyed a nest.

Painted Snipe is an irregular autumn, spring and summer visitor in Israel, with about 30 records to date. Although only documented once in 95', it is probably also a (regular?) breeder in swampy areas.

Last seen: 13/Dec/05 (only the male)

Painted Snipe Painted Snipe Painted Snipe Painted Snipe Painted Snipe Painted Snipe

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