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Green Warbler (Philloscopus trochiloides nitidus), 01/May/2008

On May 1st, a Green Warbler was cought and ringed at Sde Boqer college (Darren Burns, Eran Makover).

This is the 3rd record for Israel, previous one being in August 2004, Ramat Sirin.

 Green Warbler (Philloscopus trochiloides nitidus) 
Green Warbler Philloscopus trochiloides nitidus

 Green Warbler (Oenanthe xanthoprymna) 
Green Warbler Philloscopus trochiloides nitidus

Desert Finch
(Rhodospiza obsoleta) Ein Ovdat, Jun.04

White-breasted Kingfisher
(Halcyon smyrensis) Hula reserve, Jan.05

Little Egret
(Egretta garzetta)Tel-Baruch shore, Dec.05
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