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North-western Negev, 15-17/DEC/05
Barak Granit

During last Thursday and Friday me and Eyal Shochat hung around in the north-western Negev and on Saturday I hung around there with Rony Livne. We were concentrating in the Urim area in particular.

North of the gas station at Urim Junction, we had a male Pallid Harrier, about 600-800 Pin-tailed Sandgrouses, 14 Imperial Eagles, a few Long-legged Buzzards and thousands of Black Kites. I also had there one Oriental Skylark.
Along the famous power line we had some more Imperial Eagles, another 2 Pallid Harriers, 10 Hen Harriers, about 7 Merlins, 9 Peregrins and one adult Saker falcon.
We also checked the natural habitat which is located west and south of Hatzerim. We managed to locate 7 Dotterels, 2 male Pallid Harriers, a few Finch's Wheatears and many Isabelline Wheatears.
However, although we tried hard during the 3 days, we failed to locate the Sociable Plovers.

On Saturday I went back there and had a splendid experience as one Houbara Bustrard walked on the dirt track just in front of my car. Unfortunately, I had opposite light so the photos are not as amazing as they could have been.

Imperial Eagle Imperial Eagle Imperial Eagle Pallid Harrier Black Kite Houbara Bustard Pin-tailed Sandgrouse

Mourning Wheatear
(Oenanthe lugens) Sde-boqer, Jul.04

(Alectoris chukar) Sde Boqer, Apr.04

(Falco cherrung)Western Negev, Nov.05
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