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Southern Arava, 07-10/May/06

Amit Geffen

Overloaded with re-traps of Cetti's Warblers, the Hula ringing team decided to go birdwatching in the southern Arava. During the 7-10/05/06, we visited most of the traditional sites between Km 77 in the north and the north beach down south, and though no 'mega' rarity was found, we had a really good time - nice weather, lots of birds and good company are always a treat, especially if you add to this combination a Red-billed Tropicbird (or two...).

Here are some images and a short report representing the highlights of that week:

Red-billed Tropicbird - 2 adults, 9/5 17:30, flew over Aqaba shore/city for a few minutes and disappeared.

Sooty Shearwater – 2 off Eilat’s north beach, 9-10/5.

Crested honey Buzzard – 1 female at Km 77, 7/5.

Bonelli's Eagle - 1 at Km 19 area.

Broad-billed Snadpiper - 8 at Km 20 saltpans.

Red necked Phalarope – 3 at Km 20 saltpans.

Arctic Skua - 10 flew overland 10/5 + another 2 uid skuas, north beach.

Blue-cheeked Bee-eater - 1 at Ne'ot Smadar, 10/5.

Bar-tailed Lark – 1 at Km 77, 7/5.

Upcher's Warbler - 1 at Ne'ot Smadar, 10/5.

Black-headed Bunting – 1 male at Km 77, 7/5 and another at Km 19 area, 10/5.

Lesser Flamingo and Brown Booby – still showing well.

Amit Geffen
On behalf of
Nadav Israeli, Itai Shany, Yoav Perlman & Tuvia Kahn.
Broad-billed Sandpiper Red-necked Phalarope Namaqua Dove Rofous Bush Robin Ortolan Bunting Black-headed Bunting

White-eyed Gull
(Larus leucophthalmus) Eilat, Jun.05

Trumpeter Finch
(Bucanetes githagineus) Eilat area, Dec.05

Painted Snipe
(Rostratula benghalensis) Hefer valley, Sep.05
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