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ISRAEL, 15-29th March 2008
Trip participants: Jose Ardaiz (JA), Oscar Gutierrez (OG), Guillermo Rodreguez (GR), Joan Ferr? (JF), Fernando Arce (FA), Daniel L. Velasco (DLV)


After having read so much about the quality of spring migration in Israel, a team of Spanish birders decided to visit the country in March 2008.

As for the timing, mid-to late March is probably the best time of the year in terms of diversity, as you get the last wintering species, nearly all of the breeders and residents, and lots of migrants.   ......
Trip Report - ISRAEL, 15-29th March 2008 (PDF)

Demoiselle Crane

Palm Dove
(Streptopelia senegalensis) Tel-aviv, Apr.06

Red-necked Phalarope
(Phalaropus lobatus) Ma'agan Michael, Oct.05

Bimaculated Lark
(Melanocorypha bimaculata) Arava valley, Mar.05
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